Release 1 (Genesis) — Now available in Public Beta

5 min readOct 24, 2018


Update: 24 Nov 2022. The below post describes the original version of Itheum from 2–3 years ago, where Itheum was purely a healthcare data platform. Please note that the Itheum platform has now evolved into a much broader web3 platform that can service any industry and not just healthcare. Learn more about the new version of Itheum by visiting

We are pleased to announce that version 1 of the Itheum Platform codenamed Genesis is now available in Public Beta.

What is Itheum?

Itheum is an open, free and global web3 data platform that can be used to build apps (Like the Red Heart Challenge)that incentivises proactive healthcare behaviour amongst all stakeholders in the healthcare industry (we call them Actors within the Itheum ecosystem).

The goal is to ultimately shift current Reactive healthcare practices into Proactive practices via grassroots level behavioural change driven by “incentive theory”. The platform is augmented with blockchain technology and a decentralised roadmap to ensure all Actors in the healthcare space are equally incentivised to participate, and no single entity can control data and behaviour.

This shift to proactive behaviour will unlock new sources of valid, quality healthcare data that will drive healthcare innovation in machine learning, data intelligence and social robotics.

But most importantly for the first time in history these healthcare innovations will be available to everyone around the world, regardless of socioeconomic factors.

Itheum powered healthcare apps (e.g Red Heart Challenge) identifies 5 Actors in the healthcare space.

  1. Patient
  2. Provider (Healthcare Provider Organisations — HPOs, Hospitals, Clinics etc.)
  3. Payer (Health Insurance etc.)
  4. Researcher (Academic Institutes, Pharmaceutical etc.)
  5. Government

Our first release, Genesis targets the Patient Actor and provides them with the tools to proactively monitor their health and be incentivised to comply with remote monitoring programs.

The following is a list of FAQ we have got from our Public Beta users.

What is the Genesis Release and what is the Red Heart Challenge?

Itheum is a platform to build Proactive healthcare experiences. The Genesis release is our first release to the general public and it includes a concept application built on the Itheum platform called the Red Heart Challenge.

Anyone is free to join this 3 week program and learn more about how blood pressure, stress, activity levels and diet can affect your heart health. All your data belongs to the “data provider” (the user/patient) and they can view their progress at anytime. At the end of the program the user will get a final report and are encouraged to give it to their doctor. The doctor will be able to then get an idea of how their patient is tracking in-between clinical visits.

How can I Join the Red Heart Challenge?

Please note: You will need a blood pressure monitor and the secure Telegram chat app to join. If you already have these then here is how you can join. You can get the Telegram App for free from here

  1. Head over to or
  2. At the bottom of the page you will see a sign up form. Fill up the form with the details asked, ensure you enter a valid mobile number and email address. We require this to ensure we don’t get users creating multiple accounts to exploit the reward system.
  3. Make sure you read and accept the terms of use and conditions.
  4. Once you submit the form, you will be asked to confirm the minimum requirements for the program (a valid email, mobile number, blood pressure meter and Telegram App).
  5. In the next step, you will need to opt-in to have Nigel (our automated digital coach) to make contact with you via telegram. Click on the “Login with Telegram” button and follow the procedure to opt-in. It’s a quick process to establish your consent to connect Telegram to Itheum.
  6. Once you complete the above, your account would be created. Make sure you now check for a SMS message and Email with a verification link to confirm that your own the mobile number and email.
  7. Once you have verified your email, mobile number and opted into Telegram access as above, your account would be activated and you are ready to participate in the red heart challenge.
Step 5 above: Make sure you Log in with Telegram to opt-in

I have joined the Red Heart Challenge, what should I expect?

  1. A day after you have had your account activated (after following steps above to join the program), Nigel our automated digital health coach will make contact with you on Telegram.
  2. Nigel will be your guide over the duration of the program so make sure your comply with his requests.
  3. You will first be welcomed by Nigel and asked to await for your next steps.
  4. You will then be asked to create an account on the user portal called My ItheumApps — this is your very own data portal where you can see your progress and control your account on the Itheum platform.
  5. You will be then asked to watch a short introduction video that will detail all the features of the platform .
  6. The above steps are considered mandatory and are required in order to proceed with the actual data collection part of your program so please comply.
  7. Once the above is done, within a day or so your data collection schedule will begin.
  8. Nigel will generally ask you to collect data and report back (on average) once a day (at most 2 times a day).
  9. This can include a blood pressure reading in the evening (on some weekdays) or a blood pressure reading in the morning (weekends). Or some questions about your stress, diet, lifestyle and activity levels (these are asked a few times a week).
  10. After 3 weeks on the Program, Nigel will notify you that you have successfully completed the Program and email you a final report.
  11. But all your data is always available to you via your User Portal.

I’ve got more questions, where can I get support?

We have a community of public beta users and core platform developers who will be happy to help you. Find us on the following platforms:





As we enter the web3 and metaverse era; Itheum unlocks data silos and generates new value for your data.