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Data Vault

You can store highly sensitive personal data in your data vault. For example: details about your gender, race, sexual preference, prior health conditions, financial history etc

This sensitive data is encrypted using your own encryption keys (no one else can unlock and view it) and stored in IPFS (no one else can destroy it)

You can then choose to append data from your vault to the regular data you sell on the data dex. …

We are pleased to announce our latest major release to the OKPulse employee wellness program which is now available free to all our existing users.

New Features Released:

1) Seamless Single Sign-On

At OKPulse, seamless sign-up and sign-on has always been a primary focus. Employers and employees should be able to use the OKPulse platform without having to register for a new account and having to remember a new set of usernames and passwords.

We now support both of the largest corporate identity platforms in the market today — Azure AD and Google Identity.

Use these today and onboard your employees securely and seamlessly.

Read more here:

2) 7 New Employee Wellness “Signals”

You can no Sign-up and Sign-in using Google Identity

At OKPulse, seamless sign-up and sign-on has always been a primary focus. Employers and employees should be able to use the OKPulse platform without having to register for a new account and having to remember a new set of usernames and passwords. Instead, they should be able to use their existing corporate ID systems to use OKPulse. More employers primarily use two main “corporate identity” platforms and these are:

  • Microsoft Active Directory (AD)
  • Google Identity

The technical terminology for using existing corporate usernames and passwords to sign into other software is called “single sign on”.

In our quest to make…

With OKPulse now having multiple employers choosing it as their digital wellness portal for their employees; we have continued to co-design with our users and work towards improving our product. Up to now, we have only supported 3 different “employee wellness data types & insights” and today we are pleased to announce that we support 10 new “employee wellness data types & insights templates”. As an Employer, this significantly increases the health and wellness insights you gain on your employees’ — allowing you to detect many more early warning signs.

Also; Up-to now our program only supported a “3 month…

OKPulse now supports the early detection of over 10 Signals

As your organisation embarks into the year 2021, chances are that your employee workforce is now mostly remote and virtual. With employees working remotely for close to 12 months now — it becomes critical for your HR teams to get more insights into your employees’ mental wellness levels and also gather holistic insights on their general health and wellness. Early employee wellness risk detection is now a must-have for business and we are pleased to announce that Ithuem OKPulse has significantly scaled up our the insights available on our employee wellness digital platform.

Our existing platform is currently being used…

OKPulse now supports Azure AD Access

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management service, which helps your employees sign in and access organisation resources. It is the most widely used active directory system in the world and powers almost every organisation’s employee directory.

OkPulse was built from the ground up to re-imagine corporate employee wellness for the new age (the new normal of remote work), as such we wanted to make it as easy as possible for organisations to use and manage employee wellness.

We are pleased to announce that OKPulse now fully supports Azure AD Single Sign-On (SSO), enabling organisations…

Employers are in uncharted terrains; The arrival of COVID19 caused global disruption on how organisations typically functioned as they were forced to setup (almost overnight) a complete remote virtual workforce in order to continue operations. Organisations that already allowed flexible work-from-home options to their employees were quick to adopt to this change but many traditional organisations who were accustomed to a physically present workforce; struggled to cope with the change.

IT was initially a massive bottleneck that organisations had to revamp to deal with remote employees but thanks to scalable cloud computing and corporate IT solutions offered by the likes…

The following is our roadmap update for Feb 2019. Our Roadmap has always been public here but we will do key monthly updates via our blog as well.

New Tagline

We have a new tagline which we feel better captures our mission to create a more proactive environment for Health and Wellness data to be made available for proactive healthcare initiatives like Machine Learning and AI. It is as follows:

Itheum: Unlock More Health and Wellness Data

New Short Pitch

We also have a new short pitch that we feel better captures the paradigm shift Itheum is aiming to push. It is as follows:


The following is an excerpt from an interview our founder had recently regarding possible applications of Itheum’s Proactive Data Collection abilities within the Generic Drug Manufacturing Industry.

Q: Explain your idea in a few lines?

Itheum is a complete platform to unlock new sources of health & wellness data via remote patient (user) engagement. Unlike existing market solutions, Itheum was built from the ground-up to be user-centered and provides an “optimum environment” where users feel comfortable in collecting and sharing data.

Q: What is the problem you identified and what made you launch your startup?

Healthcare is largely “volumn based”…


Next generation user data collection & analytics platform. We are building the user-centric data economy of the future.

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