Itheum’s Journey in 2023: A Year of Trailblazing Innovation in Data Ownership and Data NFTs

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Itheum’s Journey in 2023

As we bid farewell to another transformative year, let’s embark on a journey through the remarkable chapters that defined Itheum’s evolution in 2023. This year was not just about breaking barriers with product and technology delivery; it was a celebration of community, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of redefining data ownership in the Web3 era.

Key Collaborations:

Bware Labs Partnership: Elevating Web3 Infrastructure


In a groundbreaking move, Itheum proudly partnered with Bware Labs, a leading decentralized cross-chain infrastructure services provider. This collaboration integrates Bware Labs’ cutting-edge technologies into Itheum’s protocol, offering robust decentralized infrastructure services for Web3 users.

As part of this collaboration, we seamlessly integrated Blast API, Bware Labs’ flagship product, into our protocol platform. Blast API offers fast response times and resilient services, becoming an integral component of Itheum’s infrastructure. Users benefit from increased performance, support for multiple blockchain networks, immediate availability, and ease of use without requiring technical expertise. This integration also lays the foundation for Itheum’s Omni-Chain future, where the Itheum protocol will operate across multiple blockchain networks.

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Arda Partnership: Fortifying Protocol Security

Itheum x Arda

Itheum proudly announces a long-term aligned technology partnership with Arda, a reputable provider of applications on the MultiversX blockchain. This strategic collaboration is dedicated to reinforcing protocol security and ensuring user safety within the Itheum platform, fostering trust and confidence in decentralized data transactions.

Arda, renowned for its user-centric applications on the MultiversX blockchain, shares Itheum’s commitment to prioritizing user safety. This alignment forms the foundation for a robust partnership focused on elevating security standards.

A key aspect of this partnership involves ongoing security audits conducted by Arda, focusing on reviewing Itheum’s smart contracts and architectural best practices. Leveraging their expertise and meticulous analysis, Arda aims to enhance data security measures within the Itheum ecosystem.

The collaboration commenced with a comprehensive audit of the Data NFT-FT and Data NFT Marketplace smart contracts. Through this partnership, Itheum ensures adherence to the highest security standards, minimizing potential vulnerabilities and providing a secure environment for users to participate in data ownership and trading.

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Inspir3 Partnership: Transforming Loyalty in Decentralized Realms

Itheum x Inspir3

Itheum has teamed up with Inspir3, a pioneering project on the MultiversX blockchain, to revolutionize loyalty programs in the real world. This collaboration blends advanced Web3 data technology with Inspir3’s innovative approach, creating a paradigm shift in loyalty ecosystems.

Key Highlights

  • Crafting a New Loyalty Paradigm: Our partnership seamlessly integrates cutting-edge Data NFT technology and robust user engagement to redefine loyalty programs.
  • Innovation and Engagement: Together, we’re cultivating an ecosystem where advanced technology meets enriched user engagement, offering distinct experiences and benefits globally.
  • Opportunities and Benefits: Users worldwide can anticipate enriched personalization, value-driven rewards, and a more interactive and rewarding experience.
  • Pioneering Future Loyalty: We’re committed to reshaping the future of loyalty programs, transcending traditional reward systems, and creating transformative experiences.

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Itheum x ICI Bucharest — Exploring the potential use cases for Data NFTs at the Institutional level

Itheum x ICI Bucharest

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Itheum proudly announces its official partnership with the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics, ICI Bucharest, marking the initiation of a transformative journey into the vast potential of Data NFTs for institutional applications. This strategic alliance aims to propel the widespread adoption of blockchain technology across Europe, focusing on pioneering initiatives in Romania. Itheum’s commitment to innovation and data ownership harmonizes seamlessly with ICI Bucharest’s dedication to technological advancements, promising to explore uncharted territories and unlock the transformative capabilities of Data NFTs within institutional settings.

Data NFTs, distinguished as unique, verifiable, and tradable data assets, are poised to revolutionize transactions within institutions. As Europe stands on the threshold of a new era harnessing the advantages of blockchain technology, the collaboration between Itheum and ICI Bucharest emerges as a pivotal force in realizing this vision, elevating awareness about blockchain’s potential, and creating valuable applications for both public and private organizations. Together, the partnership envisions reshaping traditional processes, enhancing data management, safeguarding intellectual property, and fostering research collaboration, marking a significant stride towards positive change in institutional landscapes.

Gain Insight into the Strategic Alliance: Explore Further about the Itheum x ICI Bucharest Partnership

Panacare DAO: Empowering Healthcare with Blockchain Technology

Itheum x PanacareDAO

In collaboration with Panacare DAO, Itheum extended its reach and impact in the healthcare domain. Panacare DAO shares a common vision of leveraging blockchain to empower individuals, healthcare providers, and stakeholders in the health ecosystem.

The partnership aimed to explore and implement blockchain solutions that enhance data trading, privacy, and transparency in healthcare. Panacare DAO’s expertise in the healthcare sector complemented Itheum’s innovative approach to data ownership, creating a synergy that holds the potential to redefine how health data is managed, shared, and accessed.

The joint efforts of Itheum and Panacare DAO focused on developing solutions that prioritize patient autonomy, data integrity, and seamless interoperability among healthcare systems. This collaboration represented a step forward in the journey toward a more patient-centric and technologically advanced healthcare landscape.

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Giants: Exploration of On-Chain Gaming Data Tokenization

Itheum x Giants

In a collaboration, Itheum proudly announces a strategic exploratory partnership with Giants, a prominent player in the MultiversX gaming industry. This exciting venture takes center stage with the integration of Itheum’s innovative Data NFTs and Gamer Passport into the Giants Village Game, launched on December 21st, 2023. The Gamer Passport, a cutting-edge blockchain-based reputation vault, is poised to redefine data ownership within the blockchain ecosystem, offering gamers control over their gaming data and identity.

Upon successful integration, gamers will have the capability to assert ownership over their Giants Village gaming data, enabling them to claim, control, and trade it seamlessly. This can be done through the Itheum Data NFT Marketplace or any MultiversX NFT Marketplace. Data NFTs, a distinct category of non-fungible tokens, fundamentally represent ownership rights over data assets. This innovative approach establishes a unique method for representing and trading gaming data as a limited-edition asset class, facilitating the smooth portability and exchange of gaming data assets with explicit consent.

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Cointelegraph Accelerator Program: Paving the Way for Web3 Solutions

Itheum x Cointelegraph

Itheum’s enrollment into the exclusive Cointelegraph Accelerator Program marked a significant milestone in our journey to reshape the landscape of data sharing in the Web3 era. As a participant in this esteemed program, we embraced the opportunity to collaborate with industry experts, thought leaders and fellow innovators to accelerate the development of groundbreaking Web3 solutions.

The core focus of our participation was to pioneer advancements that address the longstanding challenges within the data brokerage industry. With a market projected to exceed $462 billion by 2031, the data brokerage sector faces issues of opacity, lack of user control, and inadequate transparency. Itheum’s vision aligned with the principles of Web3, introducing traceability and transparency to the data market, and empowering users with greater control over their data assets.

The Cointelegraph Accelerator Program provided a nurturing environment for Itheum to refine and strengthen its Web3 solutions. Collaborating within this dynamic ecosystem allowed us to leverage the collective expertise of mentors and fellow participants, ensuring that our innovations are at the forefront of the evolving blockchain and decentralized technology landscape. The program also provides Itheum the opportunity to educate the millions of daily active Cointelegraph users on the message of decentralized data ownership and how the Itheum protocol empowers this for everyone around the world.

As we continue to refine and expand our Web3 solutions, the journey with the Cointelegraph Accelerator Program has been instrumental. It has not only propelled us forward in our mission to reshape data sharing but has also positioned Itheum as a key player in the transformative landscape of Web3 solutions. The collaboration, insights, and support received through this program serve as catalysts for propelling Itheum into a future where data ownership is truly democratized and user-centric.

Unlock the Future: Dive Deeper into Itheum’s Participation in the Cointelegraph’s Accelerator Program, Redefining Data Ownership

Itheum Joins Sony X Astar Network Web3 Incubation Program: Exploring a Web3 Gaming Data Brokerage Use Case

Itheum Joins Astar x Sony Web3 Incubation Program

Itheum was thrilled to announce its selection for the prestigious Sony X Astar Network Web3 Incubation Program, marking a significant milestone in our mission to empower individuals and businesses with data ownership and control. As participants in this groundbreaking initiative, we are set to collaborate with industry leaders, visionaries, and innovators to explore multi-chain data tech and “Omni-Chain” design principles, aiming to seamlessly operate across multiple blockchain platforms. Our founder, Mark Paul, unveiled our transformative vision and concept at Demo Day in Tokyo, Japan, with the objective of reshaping the Sony PlayStation gaming landscape and setting new standards for gaming data ownership. This collaborative journey with Sony Network Communications and Astar Network aims to drive meaningful innovation and unlock new possibilities within the Web3 ecosystem, shaping a decentralized, user-centric digital landscape.

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Community Engagement, Meetups, and Real-World Event Participation

Digital Health Festival: Pioneering Innovations in Healthcare

Mark Paul, speaking at the Digital Health Fest about Web3 Health Passport.

The participation in the Digital Health Fest marked a pivotal moment for Itheum, showcasing our dedication to pioneering innovations in the healthcare sector. The event provided a platform to explore the intersection of blockchain technology and healthcare solutions, emphasizing the potential to transform and revolutionize the industry.

During the Digital Health Fest, Itheum engaged with industry leaders, healthcare professionals, and technology enthusiasts to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the healthcare landscape. The focus was on leveraging blockchain to address critical issues such as data interoperability, security, and patient-centric care.

Itheum’s presence at the Digital Health Fest underscored our commitment to fostering collaborations that drive positive change in healthcare. The event served as a catalyst for exploring new ideas, sharing insights, and building partnerships that could shape the future of healthcare through innovative technological solutions.

Itheum’s Participation at CIP Forum

Praveen Paul speaking at Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum.

In a significant representation at the Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum (CIP Forum), Praveen Paul, Co-Founder and COO of Itheum, took the stage to share insights on pivotal topics. The discourse titled “Unlocking Value in Data with Decentralized Technologies” covered several key points:

Data NFTs and the Data NFT Marketplace: Delved into the diverse types of Data NFTs and provided a glimpse of the Data NFT Marketplace.

Challenges in Healthcare Data: Recognizing the value of health data and the challenges it faces, Praveen highlighted issues such as interoperability and sharing mechanisms. He introduced the Panacare DAO as a solution, emphasizing the collaborative decision-making process to determine the ethical and consent-driven use of health data.

Soulbound NFTs and Identity Building: Introduced the concept of Soulbound NFTs, emphasizing their role in building reputation and countering web3 bot attacks. These tokens, devoid of tradability, were proposed as a means to create a decentralized reputation system. The discussion ultimately connected these concepts to the broader theme of identity in the web3 space.

The Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum, or CIP Forum, is a significant international initiative addressing challenges in the current security context. It had its 6th edition in April 2023, the forum has built a strong network of experts globally. Originating from Romania, it stands out as a notable initiative in critical infrastructure protection. The main goal is to raise awareness, build trust, and foster global cooperation in this crucial sector. The upcoming edition aims to provide learning opportunities, insights into policy developments, constructive debates, idea-sharing, technology showcases, and valuable networking. Joining the CIP Forum means contributing to shaping the future of critical infrastructure protection on a global scale.

Ambassador and Advocate Program

Become a Data Warrior

Enroll in our global ambassador initiative, also known as the “Data Warrior” program. By expressing your interest, you become one of Itheum’s early adopters, playing a crucial role in spreading the word about our platform and engaging with our vibrant community. We consider you special, and you can expect to be treated accordingly. To join the ranks of Itheum Ambassadors, participate in the Itheum Data Warrior Program as an Advocate. Demonstrate exceptional dedication and make significant contributions to our community development. Take the time to grasp the basics and become acquainted with the ecosystem. Once you meet the specified criteria, you can seamlessly transition into the esteemed role of an Itheum Ambassador. The onboarding process for Itheum Advocates is already underway, with the initial advocates actively contributing to the expansion of the protocol.

Ready to Make a Difference? Join the Data Warriors Program and Transform Your Future!

Itheum xPand DAO and #BuildOnItheum: Incentivizing developers via xPand DAO

Itheum xPand

The Itheum xPand Grants Program reflects our commitment to community engagement, inclusivity, and transparency within the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Our goal is to empower projects to #BuildOnItheum. Guided by principles of active engagement, unwavering transparency, inclusivity for diverse perspectives, and moral responsibility for ethical decision-making, we maintain strong community standards. Allocating 1,000,000 $ITHEUM for ecosystem support, the program has witnessed immense success, with an influx of applications. After careful evaluation, we proudly welcome the first cohort of five exceptional projects from the MultiversX & Encode xDay Hackathon: Hyperia Labs, Calileo, Spawnable, Pulsar Money, and Locki, marking the initial success of the xPand Grant Program.

Explore Innovation: Dive into the Details of the Itheum xPand Grants Program — Your Gateway to Growth

Itheum Sponsors the Infra and Dev Tooling Track in the MultiversX XDay Hackathon

Itheum Sponsoring the Infrastructure and Dev Tooling Track

As proud sponsors of the Infrastructure and Dev Tooling track at the MultiversX & Encode Club XDay Hackathon, Itheum allocated half a million $ITHEUM to the prize pool. This sponsorship reflected our commitment to fostering groundbreaking solutions in infrastructure and development tooling within the MultiversX ecosystem. The special price pool was provided as part of the Itheum xPand DAO program that incentivizes developer activity that utilizes the Itheum protocol tech stack.

Explore the Innovation: Discover the Insights of Itheum xPand DAO

XDay Spotlight and Innovation Day Presentation

Mark Paul on xDay Main Stage

Itheum empowers everyone with Data ownership, addressing the prevalent issue in web2 where user data is traded in a $200 billion market without user ownership. As a result, individuals become the product of targeted advertising. Embracing data ownership with Itheum offers a unique experience — enjoying hyper-personalized interactions without compromise.

Built on the MultiversX blockchain, Itheum serves as an infrastructure open to everyone for building applications that prioritize data ownership and foster personalized experiences. Comprising Data NFT technology, allowing users to license their data, the Data NFT Marketplace for trading these licenses, and the Itheum Explorer, a web portal for visualizing data within Data NFTs, Itheum offers a versatile ecosystem. An example is NF-Tunes, the inaugural Decentralized Music Platform, introducing a creator-owned music experience.

Beyond personal use, Data NFTs find applications in the web2 enterprise realm, enhancing data sharing, and portability, and ensuring data integrity in supply chains. Itheum Enterprise, the second major product launch, brings web3 technology to the masses through a highly configurable, regulation-friendly platform for Data NFTs.

xDay Innovation Stage

Mark and Praveen on the Innovation stage at xDay

Entering a phase of real-world adoption, Itheum actively encourages builders to create projects with tangible use cases. The Innovation Stage showcases diverse projects developed on Itheum, emphasizing real-world applications. The platform extends support to builders, welcoming all who wish to contribute and build on Itheum.

The xDay Innovation Stage also highlights Itheum Trailblazer, a Community Engagement tool, and spotlights Data Creators. Programmers and hackers are invited to become developers, utilizing Itheum and Data NFTs to build innovative solutions, fostering a collaborative and supportive community.

Itheum Labs — our R&D — explores OpenAI and addresses the opacity in AI use cases by introducing a provenance and lineage system, providing a transparent audit trail for data. Those interested in AI and regulation are invited to engage with us. Itheum Labs also aims to bridge the gap from web2 to web3, ensuring a seamless user experience while retaining transparency and ownership. Notably, Email login on Itheum Products is now possible, and the promotion of the Omni chain strategy seeks to tap into various blockchain ecosystems.

xDay 2023 Roundup:

xDay2023 Roundup

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xDay Awards: Recognizing Innovation Excellence

Recognizing Innovation Excellence

The icing on the cake came with the acknowledgment of Itheum’s innovation excellence at the xDay Awards. Winning the Innovation Excellence Award was a testament to years of hard work, dedication, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of Data NFTs.

Crypto Vineri : Discussion on the Importance of Data Ownership

Andrei Bratucu, Mark Paul, and George Buhnici

Our xDay wrapped up with a special highlight — our Founder and CEO took the stage on the Crypto Vineri live show with George Buhnici and Andrei Bratucu. In this engaging session, we not only shared our accomplishments but also embarked on a mission to make data ownership, not just a concept but a sensation. We delved into our exciting plans for the future, putting Growth, Itheum Enterprise, and the transformative role of stolen data in the spotlight. In the expansive landscape of the AI and ML industry, our aim is crystal clear — to introduce transparency by recording every detail on the blockchain, offering a comprehensive trail of data provenance and lineage.

View the episode here:

Community Meetups and Event Participation: Engaging with the Itheum Community

Community Meetups and Event Participations

Throughout the year, the Itheum team was not just a backstage player but a vibrant participant, taking the center stage on various platforms. We weren’t merely present; we engaged, shared, and connected with our incredible community. It wasn’t about showcasing achievements alone; it was about building a relationship, a bond that goes beyond a transactional interaction. As we reflect on the past, our gaze is fixed on the horizon of the future, and what do we see? A commitment to deepen our engagement with the community, to share more, to listen more, and to weave a tapestry of collaboration that reflects the collective spirit of the Itheum journey. Our future plans are not confined to a roadmap; they extend to the hearts of our community members. Together, let’s continue this exciting journey, forging connections that go beyond the digital realm, fueled by the passion and energy of every individual who makes up the vibrant Itheum community.

Bringing the online community to life, Itheum hosted a community meetup where members connected on personal and work-related levels. Discussions ranged from potential projects building with the xPand Grant Program to shared insights and ideas.

xPortal December Challenge: Community Engagement via Itheum Trailblazer Data NFT Giveaway

xPortal December Challenge

The xPortal December Challenge presented an opportunity for the community to engage in quests, claim daily XP, and vie for the top spot in the xPortal App. The challenge added an extra layer of excitement by offering the chance to win exclusive Itheum Trailblazer Data NFTs, further celebrating community involvement.

Itheum Trailblazer Campaigns: Community Activation Tool Built on Data NFT Technology

Itheum Trailblazer Campaigns

In the extraordinary journey of 2023, the Itheum Trailblazer Data NFT soared to new heights, fueled by the passion and dedication of our incredible community. Throughout the year, we celebrated the distribution of over 500 Data NFTs, each a testament to the unwavering commitment of our devoted members, quest enthusiasts, and the lucky winners chosen through exhilarating raffles. The energy and excitement surrounding our quests were truly electric, with eight Trailblazer Data NFT Quests and a thrilling Trailblazer Quiz captivating the hearts of our community, resulting in the generous distribution of 400,000 $ITHEUM to those who make our ecosystem shine.

But our quests are more than just challenges; they’re gateways to knowledge and empowerment. Every quest offers an opportunity to learn and get educated about the intricacies of the Itheum Ecosystem, creating a unique blend of adventure and enlightenment. As we dive into the exhilarating journey of 2024, anticipate a more immersive Trailblazer experience on the horizon. We’re exploring the exciting possibility of turning the points earned in our quests into experiences within the Itheum Data DEX, establishing a bridge between exploration and empowerment. This potential evolution, fueled by the innovative spirit of Itheum, holds the promise of elevating the Trailblazer system to new heights. Stay tuned for updates as we navigate this dynamic path together, shaping the future of the Itheum Trailblazer experience.

But that’s not all — get ready to be a part of something groundbreaking! The Trailblazer DAO is set to make waves, allowing our Trailblazer Holders to actively shape the future of the data within the Itheum ecosystem. Imagine having the power to influence 3rd party marketplace royalty distribution via ensuring the accuracy of royalty distribution scripts and curating the reputation of Data Creators and their data, all this while contributing to the heart and soul of our decentralized community. Together, we’re not just witnessing change; we’re crafting it, building a legacy of decentralized empowerment and shared success. Join us as we continue to trailblaze into the future, where every NFT tells a story, every community member is a hero, and every quest is an opportunity to learn and earn.

Trailblazing Insights: Dive Deeper into the Itheum Data NFT Experience

Last Trailblazer Quest of the Year

Key Milestones

Rumble in the Data Data NFT Jungle

Rumble in the Data NFT Jungle

In April 2023, Itheum reached a pivotal milestone with the Championship Round of its $5,000 USDC Incentivized Data NFT Testing Competition. This grand finale, which commenced on Thursday, April 27th at 12 pm UTC on the MultiversX Devnet, marked a crucial moment in the journey towards revolutionizing data ownership, access control, and rewards through Data NFTs. Serving as the final stress-testing event before the official launch of Data NFT Tech and Data Marketplace, users had the opportunity to test key functionalities such as Data NFT Minting, Data NFT Wallet, and the Data NFT Marketplace, refining these features and ensuring a smooth and efficient launch.

Following the Championship Round, Itheum diligently analyzed user feedback and addressed any issues discovered during the stress-testing event, working towards a seamless and secure launch. This event was a pivotal moment in the journey, inviting everyone to join the revolution and shape a transparent, secure, and efficient data ecosystem that benefits all.

Discover the Rumble in the Data NFT Jungle!

A Guarded Launch of Itheum’s Technology into the Mainnet

Itheum’s CanaryNet Explained

CanaryNet, Itheum’s Guarded Launch to the Mainnet, embodies a forward-thinking approach in web3 technology. Analogous to a coal miner’s canary serving as an early warning system, CanaryNet operates with transparent guardrails, ensuring real-world testing of unique technology primitives while shielding end-users from potential risks. The guarded launch includes measures like “Whitelisted Data Creator Minting” restrictions of 3rd party NFT marketplace trade and an anti-spam tax, providing security and value assurance. As the ecosystem matures, these guardrails will be gradually removed through community-driven transparent processes.

For end-users, CanaryNet promises the operational excellence of mainnet software, though some guardrails such as whitelisting processes will initially shape operations. Users can expect the removal of certain guardrails as web3 positive reputation systems are introduced. The open, transparent communication of guardrail changes, along with community voting, ensures a gradual transition towards a fully decentralized environment. As CanaryNet evolves, it becomes a pivotal step towards reshaping data ownership, offering data creators and consumers a secure, innovative space within the web3 ecosystem.

On December 23, 2023, the largest Guardrail was dropped, allowing for Data NFTs to freely trade on any NFT marketplace.

Explore the secrets behind the guarded launch! Discover the ins and outs of Itheum’s CanaryNet

Itheum Whitelisting Process: A Gateway to Data NFTs

Unlock the value of your Data

The opening of the Data NFT Minting Whitelisting Process is a pivotal moment in our mission to revolutionize the data landscape by placing control and ownership in the hands of creators. This exclusive opportunity empowers data creators to transform their unique datasets into valuable Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on our Data NFT Marketplace, enabling them to witness their data come to life on the blockchain. The Whitelisting Process offers early access, personalized guidance, and support, allowing creators to mint fully transferable Data NFTs, take control of data distribution, and engage with a vibrant ecosystem while earning royalties. This initiative invites individuals, projects, and enterprises to become Data Creators, shaping the future of data ownership and exchange. Join us on this transformative journey and experience the true power of blockchain technology through the Whitelisting Process.

Ready to unlock the true potential of your data? Seize the opportunity! Dive into Itheum’s Exclusive Whitelisting Process now

Unleashing Possibilities: Data NFT Marketplace

Introducing the Data NFT Marketplace

The Data NFT Marketplace emerged as a pivotal element of Itheum’s ecosystem, providing users with a dynamic platform to trade, discover, and engage with Data NFTs. This decentralized marketplace facilitates the seamless exchange of unique data assets, empowering individuals, creators, and enterprises to participate in the evolving data economy. With a commitment to transparency, security, and user-centric design, the Data NFT Marketplace stands as a testament to Itheum’s vision of reshaping the way we perceive and interact with data.

Navigating the Data Universe: Itheum Explorer

Introducing the Itheum Explorer

The Itheum Explorer serves as a compass for navigating the expansive data universe powered by Itheum. This intuitive and user-friendly tool allows individuals to explore, visualize, and understand the intricacies of various datasets behind Data NFTs. Whether tracking the journey of a specific Data NFT, gaining insights into market trends, or simply immersing oneself in the rich tapestry of decentralized data, the Itheum Explorer empowers users with the tools to unlock the full potential of the Web3 data landscape. As we venture into a future driven by data ownership and transparency, the Itheum Explorer stands as a guiding star, illuminating the path toward a decentralized digital frontier.

Itheum Explorer! Witness the alchemy of turning Data NFTs into visual stories

Diverse Data NFT Collections: A Tapestry of Creativity

Divers Data NFT Collections

After the launch of the Data NFT marketplace and Data NFT Whitelisting portal, diverse Data NFT collections were launched to showcase the versatility of this revolutionary technology. From Andrei’s “Unlocking Liquidity’’ guide dynamically updating with DeFi trends to Foudres’s evolving Bubble Maps offering a richer data visualization experience of the top 250 EGLD holders and interactions between their wallets, and Manu Lodea’s groundbreaking YFGP Sonix Genesis Album, which allowed owners to enjoy new music with every data stream update — the possibilities were endless.

The Trailblazer Data NFT Competition added an extra layer of excitement, inviting Trailblazer holders to participate in weekly quests, each with substantial prizes from the $ITHEUM pool. The competition intensified, reaching a milestone with a 50,000 $ITHEUM prize pool in the 8th Trailblazer Quest Competition.

Launching the Itheum Enterprise on Devnet

Itheum Enterprise

Itheum Enterprise stands as a groundbreaking suite of tailored tools, serving as the vital link between real-world enterprises and the revolutionary Itheum protocol. Functioning at the core of Itheum’s mission to shift from “data exploitation” to “data sovereignty,” the protocol enables Data Creators to assert ownership of their data and engage in decentralized trading on a marketplace with Data Consumers. While the Itheum protocol remains open to all, Itheum Enterprise provides bespoke solutions for forward-thinking enterprises eager to champion corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, prioritize data ownership, enhance customer engagement, and leverage blockchain technology for cost efficiency.

Acting as a catalyst for enterprise adoption, Itheum Enterprise serves as a bridge for businesses to embrace data sovereignty, enhance corporate image, expand customer bases, and optimize operations by leveraging blockchain technology. Unlocking diverse use cases, from loyalty cards to healthcare data vaults, and playing a pivotal role in global adoption, Itheum Enterprise emerges as a transformative force, enabling enterprises to lead the way in the paradigm shift towards data sovereignty.

ITHEUM Token Integration with Ledger Wallets

ITHEUM token integrated with Ledger Wallets

In a significant retrospective development, Itheum proudly announces the integration of its native $ITHEUM token with Ledger wallets, showcasing a commitment to digital asset security and user-centric solutions. The integration with Ledger, a renowned provider of cold storage solutions, empowers ITHEUM token holders with top-notch protection from cyber threats. The integration, a leap forward in digital asset security, positions Ledger Wallets as a robust fortress for securing ITHEUM tokens. Users can seamlessly manage their assets through Ledger Live, ensuring a streamlined experience and bolstered security for both $ITHEUM tokens and valuable Data NFTs. This integration underscores Itheum’s dedication to promoting data ownership in the Web3 and Metaverse ecosystems, delivering secure, user-friendly digital asset management tools, and enhancing overall trust in the Itheum platform.

Ready to explore the full article? Uncover all the details about $ITHEUM Token Integration with Ledger Wallets

Metastaking Extension

Metastaking Extension

The Metastaking program, our dedication to community staking and enhancing the token’s utility and a token holder’s long-term reputation signaling, has been extended. Throughout the year, we introduced an additional 12 million $ITHEUM to the Metastaking program, resulting in a maximum APR of 20%. We express sincere gratitude to everyone who joined us on this journey, and it’s important to note that this is only the beginning.

Our steadfast commitment to “Your Data Your Business” remains unwavering. As we continue transitioning our protocol deeper into Web3 decentralization, our mission to empower you in unlocking the potential of your data remains a top priority.

Stake your $ITHEUM tokens

Data DEX and Itheum Explorer available on xPortal Hub: Seamless access to Itheum’s tools via xPortal’s amazing UX

Data DEX and Itheum Explorer are available on xPortal Hub

Our journey together just got a whole lot more thrilling as we celebrate a major breakthrough — the Itheum Data DEX and Itheum Explorer have found their cozy spot in the heart of the xPortal Super App Hub. Picture this: now you can seamlessly trade Data NFTs right within the xPortal App, all from the comfort of your mobile phone. But wait, there’s more magic! Delve into the enchanting realm of data exploration directly on your phone, making it a breeze to join the Trailblazer Data NFT Quests through the xPortal App. No more hopping around web pages; it’s all right at your fingertips. This isn’t just a convenience; it’s a community victory, a giant leap toward mass adoption, and here’s the best part — our journey together is only just beginning

Guardrail Dropped: Universal Data NFTs for All Platforms

Data NFTs now tradable on any MultiversX NFT Marketplace

A groundbreaking moment arrived as one of the CanaryNet guardrails was dropped, rendering Data NFTs fully universal, transferable, tradable, and interoperable across any MultiversX NFT marketplace or platform. This evolution marked a significant milestone, showcasing the unparalleled potential of Data NFTs in the NFT space.

Read the announcement here

As we stand on the cusp of a new year, Itheum extends heartfelt gratitude to the community, partners, and supporters who have been integral to our journey. The present version of Itheum’s narrative represents a dynamic progression, laying the foundation for a future where data ownership is truly in the hands of individuals. Here’s to a new year filled with continued innovation, empowerment, and shared successes. Cheers to the Itheum community and the exciting road ahead!

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