Shaping the Future of Loyalty: Itheum and Inspir3 Enter a Strategic Partnership

4 min readOct 3, 2023


We’re excited to announce our latest partnership with Inspir3, an innovative and pioneering project poised to launch on the MultiversX blockchain, with a mission to transform loyalty programs. By joining forces, we are leveraging our advanced Web3 data technology to craft superior, user-focused experiences, introducing a fresh approach to loyalty within the expanding decentralized ecosystem.

Crafting a New Paradigm in Loyalty Programs

We are excited about our collaboration with Inspir3, as we aim to blend advanced blockchain solutions and explore the potentials of Data NFT technology to fortify the Inspir3 loyalty ecosystem. This synergy is a thoughtful integration of groundbreaking technology and robust user engagement, positioning it at the intersection of innovation and consumer interaction.

Understanding Our Partnership: Exploring Innovation and Engagement

Together, we are exploring the integration of Itheum’s leading-edge Web3 data technology with Inspir3’s inventive take on loyalty programs. We aim to cultivate an ecosystem where advanced technology meets enriched user engagement, offering distinct experiences and noteworthy benefits to consumers globally. This journey aims to reveal new features and improvements, focusing on rewarding community involvement, fostering interaction and reshaping consumer loyalty in the decentralized world.

Unlocking a World of Opportunities and Benefits

This alliance will open doors to numerous benefits and opportunities for consumers worldwide, allowing users to experience enriched personalization and value-driven rewards, Brands and retailers can connect more deeply with their audiences, enhancing loyalty and engagement, while users enjoy a more interactive and rewarding experience with exclusive rewards, personalized offers, and special discounts.

Pioneering the Future of Loyalty

Our alliance with Inspir3 is about reshaping the future of loyalty programs and transcending traditional reward systems. We are on a journey to create transformative experiences, foster enduring relationships, and generate unmatched value.

Message from the Leadership

“Itheum’s partnership with Inspir3 is a strategic alliance, envisioned to reshape consumer-brand interactions in the decentralized domain,” states Mark Paul, CEO and Co-Founder of Itheum.

Inspir3’s Founder Catalin Barascu shares, “Joining forces with Itheum enables us to redefine the boundaries of loyalty programs, injecting innovation and elevating user experiences in the decentralized sphere.”

Coming Soon: A New Era of Consumer Loyalty

Our partnership is setting the stage for lots of new and exciting experiences. Big news is just around the corner! Follow our socials to stay informed about all the developments around our partnership and the new era of loyalty on the blockchain.

About Inspir3 is a decentralized multi-brand lifestyle, loyalty & rewards application on the MultiversX network. Users own personalized digital collectibles to be able to redeem cash-back, discounts, gated access, experiences.

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About Itheum

Itheum is reshaping the landscape of data ownership in the Web3 and Metaverse ecosystems. Our “decentralized data brokerage” technology champions privacy, adheres to regulations, and is prepped for multi-chain integration. Deeply anchored in both enterprise and consumer sectors, Itheum stands as a definitive choice in blockchain data and identity infrastructure. Our platform offers an array of specialized tools and services.

These include:

  • The Data DEX: At the heart of the Itheum ecosystem, the Data DEX serves as the central hub for personal data trade. It’s designed to be multi-chain compliant, ensuring broad adoption. This ecosystem encompasses tools for Data NFT minting, wallet management, and a transparent marketplace.
  • Data NFT Marketplace: The nexus of data exchange. A platform where creators and projects worldwide can connect with a myriad of consumers, thereby monetizing their invaluable datasets in a transparent and secure environment.
  • Data NFTs: Delve into the world of NFTs that offer more than just aesthetics. They house intrinsic value and unlock potential royalties with a limited supply.
  • NFMe ID Technology: A Metaverse representation of you, but not just any representation. An NFT-backed avatar, powered by personal data.
  • Data Coalition DAOs: Governance made accessible. Facilitating bulk data trade, always with your express consent.

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