Vote for Itheum — PlatON Grant Hackathon

As detailed in this recent blog post — Itheum is building a Privacy Preserving Computation layer called the Trusted Computation Layer.

We are going to utilise the PlatON blockchain platform to build out a proof of concept to demonstrate this feature with a real-world use case.

We are participating in the PlatON Grant Hackathon and will aim to build our roof of concept as part of this Hackathon. Please vote for us in the Hackathon to support our work (we appreciate your support)

Vote for us at the PlatON Grant Hackathon

How can I vote for Itheum?

You will need the Samurai Wallet connected to the PlatON Blockchain Network in order to vote for Itheum in this Hackathon. The below will walk you though the process.

1. Download and Install Samurai Wallet

Wallet installation tutorial: Head over here to get instructions —

Sumurai Wallet — If in Chrome; use Google Translate to translate to English (if needed)

2. Create or Import Wallet

Open Samurai Wallet, you can choose “Create Wallet” or “Import Wallet”.

“Create wallet”: The user creates a new Samurai wallet;

“Import wallet”: The user has an existing Samurai wallet, and the user can import it through the mnemonic phrase and key.

3. Enter the PlatON Grant Hackathon Interface

Open the browser and enter the first round Grant hackathon interface of PlatON:

PlatON Grant Hackathon Submissions

4. Log In / Sign Up

Click Log in/Sign up in the upper right corner to register a login account.

5. Itheum Project Page

After your Log in/Sign up has succeed, click on head over here to visit the Itheum <> PlatON application page (which includes project details) —

Note the “Voting for this Project” section. (highlighted in green below)

Connect the Samurai Wallet to Vote for us

6. Connect Samurai Wallet

Click the connect wallet to link your Samurai wallet to the voting tool. The vote donation of this hackathon is via the ATP token, so make sure you are on the Alaya network.

Connected to the Alaya Chain

7. Voting for Itheum

In this hackathon; the first vote on the project will cost 1 ATP. According to the quadratic financing algorithm, your Nth vote for the same project requires 1*N ATP. For example, if I want to vote 4 votes, then I need 1+2+3+4=10 ATP.

8. Donation Successful

After you enter the specific number of votes via an $ATP payment, click to confirm. After the vote is successful, a prompt will pop up at the top of the page to indicate that the donation is successful.

Thank you for your support and help to grow the Itheum platform. We will keep you posted on platform upgrades and features ~

About Itheum

Itheum empowers data ownership in the Metaverse and brings new market value to your data. It enables this by providing “decentralised data brokerage” technology. It’s a suite of tools that enable high-value data to be bridged from web2 to web3 and then be traded via peer-to-peer sales. It allows for “viral adoption” via our creative “Data NFT” (provide “inner value” to NFTs and enable royalties / limited supply) and “NFMe” (a living Metaverse avatar representation of you — wrapped as an NFT) technology and our innovative Data Coalition DAOs (which bulk sell your data). It also aims to be fully privacy-preserving, regulation-friendly and cross-chain; making it the most comprehensive core blockchain data infrastructure available in the market with use-cases in both the enterprise and consumer space.

As we enter the web3 and metaverse era; Itheum unlocks data silos and generates new value for your data.

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As we enter the web3 and metaverse era; Itheum unlocks data silos and generates new value for your data.

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