Itheum’sTech Alliance with xAudits: A Commitment to Protocol Security

2 min readJun 9, 2024


We are announcing a technical partnership between Itheum and xAudits to enhance the security of Itheum Protocol’s blockchain-based deliverables. This partnership reflects our commitment to improving trust and security for our community members.

xAudits, a firm specializing in Smart Contract auditing on the MultiversX blockchain, will use its expertise to verify the security of Itheum’s Smart Contracts. Their experience in identifying vulnerabilities and ensuring compliance with high-security standards makes them a valuable partner for this initiative.

Through this partnership, we aim to strengthen the security of our protocol further and increase confidence among our users and stakeholders. By leveraging xAudits’ specialized knowledge and auditing processes, we are taking steps to safeguard our platform against potential threats further and enhance its integrity.

This collaboration is part of our ongoing efforts to prioritize security and trust within the Itheum ecosystem. With xAudits’ support, we can continue to build a secure environment for data exchange, benefiting our community.

Initial Focus: Auditing Bridge Smart Contract for Secure Cross-Chain Asset Transfers

This partnership will commence with the auditing of the Bridge Smart Contract, which is designed to facilitate asset transfers from Solana to MultiversX and back. The initial focus will be on enabling the movement of $ITHEUM tokens between these chains, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction process.

The Bridge Smart Contract is a crucial component in our ecosystem, providing interoperability and expanding the utility of ITHEUM tokens. By thoroughly auditing this contract, xAudits will help us identify and address any potential vulnerabilities, ensuring that the bridge operates securely and efficiently.

As we begin this phase of our collaboration, our primary goal is to ensure that the bridge meets stringent security standards, fostering trust and confidence among users. The successful implementation of this bridge will enhance the functionality of the Itheum Protocol and broaden the reach of $ITHEUM tokens across different blockchain networks.

We anticipate that this partnership will contribute positively to our platform and the broader blockchain community. With xAudits’ expertise, we aim to deliver a secure and reliable cross-chain solution that meets the needs of our users.




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