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Itheum is a data infrastructure protocol built on blockchain technology that offers a transformative array of modular infrastructure tools to reshape the landscape of data ownership. As part of our mission to promote data ownership, we launched the Itheum xPand Grants Program, inviting builders and innovative teams to build technology products on Itheum.

Why the Itheum xPand Grants Program?

Our objective is to establish an innovative “grassroots” community-governed program for ecosystem developers to accelerate their products.

Itheum offers a versatile data ownership and data tokenization infrastructure platform for technology enthusiasts to convene and cultivate Web3 products, with an overarching aim to sustain support for novel and compelling ventures, all under the #BuildOnItheum initiative.

The Itheum xPand Grants Program embodies our core principles of community, inclusivity, transparency, and forward-thinking. We aspire to foster a realm where technology seamlessly integrates with humanity, with a primary emphasis on offering infrastructure for developing technology products that empower data ownership!

What does it offer?

The Itheum xPand program offers 1,000,000 $ITHEUM as a dedicated ecosystem support grant pool for exceptional projects aiming to build using Itheum technology.

But we offer much more! This includes personalized mentorship through one-on-one sessions, dedicated knowledge sessions with industry experts, and access to a diverse community sharing a common vision to support and accelerate your idea’s growth.

Additionally, we offer an online demo day for teams to showcase their projects to industry experts and also to a large base of community members and potential users. Ultimately, the community and judges will vote on the demos showcased on the demo day, and a final pool of rewards will be dispersed based on the vote ranking.

#BuildOnItheum presents a unique opportunity to accelerate your idea and present it to the world!

Recent updates

Following our debut announcement at xDay Paris in 2022 and sponsorship of the xDay 2023 MultiversX hackathon, we proudly unveil the inaugural batch of the Itheum xPand grant program, born from the crucible of innovation.

Stay tuned as we spotlight the remarkable contributions of our cohort members, illuminating their diverse solutions that advance Itheum’s mission of democratizing data ownership on a global scale. For complete information about the grants program, please refer to this article.

We are excited to present the top five cohort members and two alpha builders, carefully selected after rigorous internal evaluation. We have observed that the overarching objectives of these projects align closely with Itheum’s mission to facilitate ecosystems that promote data ownership on a large scale.

Below are the selected candidates in the first program:

Cohort members:

  1. PeerMe

PeerMe empowers companies and communities to evolve into next-generation collectives on the blockchain. With full-scale automation tools at your disposal, they elevate efficiency, transparency, and collective ownership, fast-tracking progress toward a better world.

Using their technology, you can deploy and manage your smart contract DAOs owned by the collective via custom roles and receive automated upgrade proposals when developers perform code changes.

With Itheum, PeerMe is scaling the Data Coalition DAO (DC DAOs) ecosystem and focussed towards building the core component of bulk Data NFT trading Data Coalition DAOs for Itheum.

2. Pulsar Money

Pulsar Money is building a robust and flexible Smart Payments Hub. Their vision is focused on creating solutions within the hub that are focused around on-chain payments, initiating growth engines for onboarding users within their ecosystem and constantly having one of the fastest deliveries of technical solutions.

They aim to have native integrations of the Itheum solutions including the power of Data NFTs within the Pulsar wallet. Imagine this like a Data Wallet that can store, manage as well as enable you to trade or share your Data NFTs with full consent.

3. Locki redefines the standard for 3D Content NFTs, delivering enriched online experiences, exclusive content access, dynamic updates, and parametric adjustments, all underpinned by the Itheum platform. Join them in revolutionizing 3D creation, enabling artists to flourish, and providing users with unparalleled and enduring value.

Their primary goal is to integrate 3D artists into the Itheum ecosystem by streamlining the minting process for 3D creations they want to enhance the storage solutions to provide a secure and privacy-guaranteed storage option for creators. Lastly, they aim to develop and curate a new standard for 3D meshes within Data NFT metadata to grow the use cases for Itheum’s Data NFT technology.

4. Calileo

As we navigate into the future of the digital age, Calileo stands at the forefront of the ​​SocialFi movement, promising a decentralized, equitable, and enriching social media experience.

Calileo brings several key values to the Itheum Community, including — Data monetization: As a user, you’ll be able to monetize your social data in a more privacy-preserving and transparent way by using blockchain technology; and Community Building: Building a strong community around the Itheum ecosystem by providing a platform for users to connect, share ideas, and collaborate.

5. Hyperia Labs

Hyperia Labs is a blockchain data analysis company with a strong focus on developing tailored solutions for Web3 companies.

They are exploring a UI tool that will allow users to get their wallet address insights and these insights can be minted as a Data NFT and used for building on-chain reputation.

Alpha Builders:

  1. Inspir3

The Inspir3 loyalty card Data NFT enables owners to obtain shopping rewards such as cashback, discounts, coupons, collectables, digital stamps, giveaways and unlock access to new benefits and experiences — both physically and digitally from an increasing number of merchants.

In addition, the loyalty card Data NFT owners will be able to trade their rewards on a secondary market. They are also an integrator of the Itheum technology stack.

2. Arts GroupX

ARTSGroupX is a collaboration of new Indie artists & musicians looking to gain recognition and are offering an innovative way to earn passive income to support their artistic aspirations.

All Arts Certified Music Data NFTs will be created through Itheum. This will increase exposure to Data NFT technology and kickstart the next breakthrough in the blockchain-powered music narrative.

How can you participate?

Each Program will begin with an open call for applicants who will be screened to be part of an upcoming Itheum xPand Program. Before a program officially begins, two types of participants will be selected namely the “Cohort” and “Alpha Builders’’.

The cohort is the primary participants who would have been shortlisted from a larger group of program applicants.

Applicants who miss the selection criteria or deadline to make it into the limited program cohort can opt to join the Alpha Builders stream.

If you are interested, read more about the Itheum xPand grants program and express your interest by filling up the application form. For any further details, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Telegram.

The Bottom Line

Building in the Web3 space is not easy, but if you are a part of the larger ecosystem that can nurture and help you explore your idea, everything gets a lot more straightforward — and that’s our goal with the Itheum xPand program.

Our initial line-up of remarkable projects like PeerMe, Pulsar Money, Locki, Calileo, Hyperia Labs, Inspir3 and Arts GroupX serves as a testament to the program’s commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration and widespread adoption of Web3 technology.

About the Itheum Protocol

Itheum protocol is reshaping the landscape of data ownership in the Web3 and Metaverse ecosystems. Our “decentralized data brokerage” technology champions privacy, adheres to regulations and is prepped for multi-chain integration. Deeply anchored in both enterprise and consumer sectors, Itheum stands as a definitive choice in blockchain data and identity infrastructure. Our platform offers an array of specialized tools and services.

These include:

  • The Data DEX: At the heart of the Itheum ecosystem, the Data DEX serves as the central hub for personal data ownership. It’s designed to be multi-chain compliant, ensuring broad adoption. This ecosystem encompasses tools for Data NFT minting, wallet management, and a Data NFT marketplace.
  • Data NFT Marketplace: The nexus of data exchange. A platform where creators and projects worldwide can connect with a myriad of consumers, thereby monetizing their invaluable datasets in a transparent and secure environment.
  • Data NFTs: Dive into the world of NFTs that are backed by scarce real-world data that boosts the value and utility of the NFT.
  • Data Coalition DAOs: Governance made accessible. Facilitating bulk data trade, always with your express consent.
  • NFMe ID Technology: A Metaverse representation of you, but not just any representation. An NFT-backed avatar, powered by your data.

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