Itheum x SanoPass Metaverse: The first global Health Data Trade Platform in the Metaverse

Similar to other traditional sectors, healthcare is undergoing a revolutionary digital transformation. Globally the digital health market was originally projected to grow almost fourfold between 2019 and 2025, from $175 billion to a whopping $660 billion. With the advent of the pandemic, it is evident that many industries including healthcare have accelerated timelines for digitization.

Some of the most pressing challenges healthcare systems are facing in this transition is the ability to keep patient data safe and private, sharing of medical records, tracking medical goods in the supply chain and delivery, and decentralized decision making among others.

Itheum commenced its journey in the traditional healthcare space with web2 platforms such as OK Pulse and the Red Heart Challenge. These platforms securely collect valuable patient generated health and wellness data with an emphasis on providing the originator of the data ultimate ownership over the data that was shared. With the inclusion of a blockchain base layer, Itheum's technology transformed to support a secure, accessible, traceable, interoperable and scalable end-to-end solution for not just the processing of healthcare data but personal data in general. The goal was to ultimately provide the growing digital healthcare industry with technology that had lower adoption barriers as a software-as-a-service, requiring minimum knowledge about the technology.

We have been working behind the scenes for a number of months on our very first partnership in the healthcare industry and are delighted to announce a partnership with SanoPass Metaverse, one of Europe's most innovative healthcare platforms, that unifies and provides access to traditional healthcare and wellness providers together with remote and telemedicine services.

SanoPass will aim to adopt our exclusive Health Metaverse Passport powered by our unique , empowering users and patients to own and operate their health data and discover the infinite opportunities for doing so. This is a world exclusive, and as the medical industry also begins to recognize the shift towards the Metaverse, there will be no turning back. Itheum and SanoPass are ahead of the curve with this revolutionary and remarkable partnership, opening up the portal for true ownership of an individual's private, sensitive and valuable healthcare data.

Today, Healthcare innovation is only available to people living in developed countries or those who can afford it. The ownership and distribution of healthcare innovation are also controlled by sizeable private healthcare providers who operate in silos. We feel that human healthcare concerns are universal, and to truly unlock new sources of remote health & wellness data and apply longitudinal intelligence on that data to solve some of those concerns, we first need to break down the current socioeconomic barriers to healthcare innovation.

With the rise of direct consumer-facing health apps, websites, symptom checkers, fitness recorders, and so on, it's clear that avenues around health and well-being will continue to grow and be used, which in turn also grows the quantity and quality of new health data that can be made available for healthcare initiatives. This health and wellness data includes everything from basic information like movement/step count data, heart rate and sleep cycles (monitored by fitness or wellness apps) to detailed clinical data metrics like blood pressure, blood sugar, symptoms relating to an illness, medication consumed to alleviate problems, and the effects of various medicines on people of varying age groups (collected by health and medical apps).

SanoPass is the digital portal (APP) facilitating access to healthcare and wellness services, aiming to empower individuals and communities to become healthier through emerging technologies (blockchain). Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for a more resilient healthcare system that may cope with unexpected surges of demand and unexpected situations. They aim to make the first steps towards Web 3.0 and the Healthcare Metaverse by integrating our technology with health services to create efficient and faster eHealth solutions for patients. The system is proven to increase patient access to medical services and find the best and fastest solution for each person. In recent years, SanoPass platform has grown from a few thousand subscribers in 2020 to over 50,000 subscribers at present, with more than 30,000 users enrolled in their platform. This growth is incredible to see in such a short period, and there is no doubt this rate will only continue. In 2022 SanoPass delivered more than 100,000 services to their users.

SanoPass also started expanding in the Fitness Sector, where they aim to promote & increase physical activity, which is proven to help people feel better and reduce the risks for many diseases, including heart, chronic illness, and even cancer. SanoPass looks to take up its market share, ultimately revolutionizing the traditional health sector and giving users the power and ability to improve their health in various ways.

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SanoPass recently launched SanoCubs, the first utility NFT to provide access to health and wellness services covering both the online & offline worlds and, simultaneously, "your own personalized healthy lifestyle avatar."

Users who hold the SanoCubs NFTs will be generating behavioral data, including visits to their gyms and health data, including visits to doctors, hospitals, and your health information like age, health status, illnesses, and so on. Every day, SanoCub holders will be generating this valuable data and have the opportunity to trade it with data consumers, like insurance companies, medical centers, and apps that are setting up shop in the Metaverse, who see the true value of this data. For the first time, users will have the ability to own their sensitive information, and if they want to trade it and earn rewards, they can. The difference now is that Itheum, as a Zero-Party Data tool, allows the individual to have the power to provide consent if they wish to trade and in return get a hyper-personalized healthcare experience.

One of the most exciting aspects of this partnership is the introduction of our extraordinary Healthcare Metaverse Passport. This passport will allow users worldwide to truly own and trade their health data in the Metaverse healthcare world, which is already being built and developed behind the scenes. Moreover, SanoPass NFT holders will be among the first users to mint their own NFMe ID, a soulbound and customizable personal data-backed avatar linked to the User's identity that forms the basis of the Healthcare Metaverse Passport. Therefore, all data generated as part of the health programs linked to the ecosystem will be connected to their own #NFMe ID which opens the gate for consented, governance driven sharing of this valuable data. These holders will experience this groundbreaking invention from the outset and receive exclusive insights into this game-changing phenomenon.

So, how will a SanoPass user look to seamlessly adopt Itheum's technology?

Every user can join SanoPass Metaverse and mint, a SanoCub. These NFTs will contain subscription codes attached to activate a subscription within the SanoPass app. The subscription entitles the user to annual access to a number of fitness, medical specialities and telemedicine.

Selected SanoCub NFT holders will be the first to experience Itheum’s Data DEX where they can log in, consent to the sharing and trade of their data and mint their NFMe ID Health Passport Data Avatar. Data trade can then occur either via peer-to-peer channels or through the formation of a DAO which will trade data on behalf of the individual users.

The partnership has a solid roadmap defined which will commence with the deployment of a “web 2.0 to web 3.0 data bridge” which will enable the exchange of data between the Itheum and SanoPass platforms. The teams have already had multiple discussions on the data to be provided including more in depth discussions on dealing with data compliances such as GDPR.

Following Itheum’s release of the NFMe ID Avatar in Q3/Q4, a pilot project will commence with selected SanoCubs holders who will agree to share their medical, fitness & wellness data for trade via Itheum’s Data DEX.

The pilot program will include the operation of a SanoPass DAO with the Itheum Data DEX which will bulk-trade data from its SanoCub’s members. SanoPass have already identified a purchaser interested in this high value data set when it is available and thus the pilot will include an end-to-end transaction from the data creator to data consumer that utilizes various elements of the Itheum technology stack.

Upon successful completion of the pilot project, it is anticipated that the program will be extended across SanoPass’ wide network in 2023 where any user on the platform can participate. The data sets will also be scaled up to include other higher value medical data sets at a later date.

As we move into an increasingly virtual world that will eventually morph into a mixed reality Metaverse we can only expect the quantity of data to grow at accelerated exponential rates. It will soon become clear that the current models of locked-up data silos owned by centralized organizations will no longer work as they hinder true innovation and personal data sovereignty.

We need new ways of unlocking this valuable health and wellness and empowering the next wave of health innovation — new affordable ways to treat an illness, provide telemedicine and Telehealth, and ultimately shift healthcare from reactive to proactive. Itheum and SanoPass Metaverse aim to lay the foundation for this new way of providing healthcare. Welcome to the future of healthcare in the Metaverse.

Itheum empowers data ownership in the Web3 and Metaverse ecosystems and creates new market value for your data. It enables this by providing “decentralized data brokerage” technology. It’s a suite of tools that enables high-value data to be bridged from web2 to web3 and then be traded via peer-to-peer sales. It allows for “viral adoption” via our creative “Data NFTs” (provide “inner value” to NFTs and enable royalties / limited supply) and “NFMe ID” technology (a living Metaverse avatar representation of you — wrapped as an NFT and backed by personal data) and our innovative Data Coalition DAOs (which bulk trades your data). It also aims to be fully privacy-preserving, regulation-friendly, and cross-chain, making it the most comprehensive core blockchain data infrastructure available in the market with use-cases in both the enterprise and retail space.

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As we enter the web3 and metaverse era; Itheum unlocks data silos and generates new value for your data.

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As we enter the web3 and metaverse era; Itheum unlocks data silos and generates new value for your data.