BiTz XP Evolves: Earn Bonus BiTz on All Core Itheum Protocol Interactions

5 min readJun 4, 2024


The web3 space is evolving and is growing very fast and together with the help of communities, many aspects of the web3 projects are being determined. Interactions between protocols and the community are important as they reflect several advantages such as receiving feedback from community members, improving the work and further development of products, attracting more users, and engaging the communities, all of which are very helpful for the growth and development of each protocol.

Itheum’s BiTz XP Points and the Future of Data Ownership

At the core of each web3 project, there is the community, the heart that pumps and energizes the ecosystem. Web3 community members seek incentives for their contributions, whether by performing specific actions or participating in social activities. Recognizing this need for motivation and reward is essential for the continued growth and vitality of any web3 project.

We are strong advocates of the Data Ownership narrative and we are building the tools so that you can own your data and trade it via Data NFTs using blockchain technology. Our goal is to create a more transparent, fair, and equitable digital ecosystem by giving you control over your data.

We’ve introduced BiTz XP points — a fun and effective way for you to actively participate and contribute within our protocol. BiTz XP points serve as the entry point to the Itheum ecosystem. To access BiTz XP, you need to own a BiTz-compatible Data NFT and engage with Itheum’s core technology by accessing the data stream of that particular Data NFT. This process involved a fun gamification experience where you “burn a meme” every few hours and collect BiTz XP points — a simple, cool, and effective method to encourage community members to use Itheum’s core technology protocol whilst also demonstrating their engagement as a Itheum user

By collecting BiTz and climbing the leaderboards, you gain access to exciting rewards such as Data NFT airdrops, ecosystem-boosted rewards, and many other intriguing benefits. This incentivizes active participation and fosters a thriving community within the Itheum ecosystem.

Just as you “Get BiTz”, you can also choose to “Give BiTz” to boost Data Bounties and encourage more activity in the Itheum Protocol, in exchange for more rewards for your “Give BiTz” actions.

But the current version of BiTz XP was just the beginning, soon, BiTz XP will evolve to its next iteration, where ALL core interactions you do, across all the blockchains that Itheum operates on, will earn your Bonus BiTz!

BiTz XP Will move Across Multiple Blockchains and Evolve into Web3 Native Reputation Points (“Liveliness”)

Looking ahead, our future plans for BiTz XP involve expanding its utility beyond just regular web2 points into a Web3 protocol. We will introduce enhanced functionalities and gradually add more ways for you to actively contribute and collect points, so you won’t rely solely on burning memes. BiTz XP will become a crucial factor in eligibility for future airdrops, making it an essential component of our reward system.

Now that we have a basic understanding of BiTz Points, it is time to look at some examples of how they can be employed. In future airdrops, BiTz will be of great significance as it will be the primary factor determining the eligibility of the participants. Our goal is to foster an active community that positively influences fields utilizing user data, including AI and ML industries. Since Itheum is the data layer that allows you to own and feed your data to companies, it needs a system to distinguish active, loyal, and engaged community members who will form a “web3 workforce” that can fuel data-hungry industries like the AI industry with data. Our new BiTz XP generation system is designed to accomplish this objective efficiently.

The goal for BiTz XP is to form a seamless pathway for the XP points to translate into Itheum “Liveliness”, effectively converting the “web2” style, BiTz XP into web3 Liveliness (reputation) points, with the Liveliness Score being established by $ITHEUM token bonding that proves each individual’s score. The Get BiTz feature is chain agnostic, meaning it can operate across multiple blockchains. This opens the door for expanding the BiTz XP system to other blockchains like Solana or Ethereum, potentially leading to new collections launched on different blockchains.

BiTz XP Unleashed: Strategies for Accumulating and Leveraging Points

Let’s delve into some examples of how you can collect BiTz points through core protocol interactions. By performing actions within the ecosystem that shape the protocol’s future, you will be rewarded with BiTz Points.

These actions include:

In essence, all core protocol actions performed within the ecosystem, whether on-chain or off-chain, will earn you BiTz XP Points.

Accumulated BiTz XP Points will evolve into Itheum “Liveliness”, granting you access to various new features within the protocol that will utilize on-chain Liveliness as an unlock/boost mechanism. This includes receiving token airdrops, participating in protocol governance, performing specific tasks for different data consumers with various incentives, and participating in specific areas where minimum liveliness is required. Ultimately, BiTz XP points enhance your eligibility for direct token airdrops, reinforcing your integral role in the ecosystem.

Recap and What’s Next for You?

BiTz XP is evolving fast, but this XP program will be the core starting point and pathway for anyone, across any blockchain, to engage with the Itheum Protocol. You can choose how deeply you want to engage with the BiTz XP program, with a “light touch” engagement, whereby you can simply play the fun “Meme Burning” game every few hours and collect BiTz points to receive monthly Data NFT airdrops or “Giving BiTz’’ to support Data Bounties and Data Creators, to a more “deep touch” engagement, whereby you perform the core protocol actions detailed in the above section. BiTz XP will also have a pathway where these Web2 XP points evolve into Web3 reputation Liveliness, which is secured by $ITHEUM token bonds; this transition mechanism is something that is currently being designed, and more details will be shared on the exact implementation strategy once it becomes available, but ultimately it aims to become a core building block of an Omni-Chain Itheum protocol as it evolves to become the data platform for key industries like AI. So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to Get BiTz!




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