Itheum is a decentralised data brokerage. It’s a cross-chain “Data DEX” that allows users to trade personal data securely on-chain (works on EVM chains). Data Coalitions our one of the key features of the Itheum Platform and is a DAO based entity that allows for the bulk-sale of personal data…

Itheum aims to provide the complete platform to enable decentralised data brokerage — and as part of this vision we need to provide features than enable privacy preserving computation.

Secure multi-party computation (also known as secure computation, multi-party computation (MPC), or privacy-preserving computation) is a subfield of cryptography with the…

Itheum is a DAO or DOAs

We recently presented our DOA technology at the DAO Hack Finalist Demo & Panel Discussion live on YouTube.

Our DAOs operate autonomously and allow for the full governance of our Data DEX and allows for the seamless sale of bulk personal data.

What is a Itheum Data NFT and what does it enable?

  1. Highly personal or sensitive datasets can essentially function as a NFT allowing for uniqueness and limited availability
  2. Limit the distribution of your highly sensitive or protected datasets to a smaller, controlled circulatory amount
  3. Allow for resale in secondary markets…


The world’s 1st decentralised cross-chain data brokerage; enabling the creation + exchange of high value personal datasets.

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